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Mission and vision

Here you can find general information about what the CBU does and what its future perspectives are.

Our Mission

  • To develop joint Finnish-Russian Master’s and Doctoral programmes for the international markets through increasing and deepening the educational co-operation between Finnish and Russian universities associated with the CBU consortium.

  • To develop Master`s and Doctoral programmes in co-operation with the employer sector to guarantee the relevance of the education in view of the needs of the working and business life.

  • To implement the Bologna process and to promote the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) –process in Finland and in Russia.

  • To promote European-Russian research co-operation.

Our Vision

  • The CBU education has a quality label and is internationally relevant and competitive with focus on global and local applications.
  • The CBU education produces graduates with special proficiency and skills for acting across national boundaries in international and intercultural environment, specifically in European-Russian relationships in the working and business life.
  • The Master`s and Doctoral degree programmes of the CBU are designed to meet to the needs of the international employment market and they are supported by European-Russian research co-operation.
  • The international programmes of the CBU are highly recognised in Europe and all over the world